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May 14, 2013

The State Historical Society of Missouri Tapped to Plan State’s Bicentennial

Statehood Petition
The State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO) is honored to have been selected to spearhead commemorations for the bicentennial celebration of Missouri's statehood. On May 13, 2013 lawmakers gave final approval to a resolution directing the organization to develop plans to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Missouri's birth as a state on August 10, 1821.

Although the celebration is eight years away, a committee has already started gathering information to plan for the festivities. SHSMO is eager to collaborate with individuals and other groups to ensure the spirit of the resolution is carried out in "a statewide effort to promote and celebrate the State of Missouri's rich and complex history."

Read House Concurrent Resolution No. 7. To share your ideas for commemorating this event, please contact Mary Ellen Lohmann, coordinator, publications & media relations, at 573.884.7904 or email.

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May 18, 2012

Columbia Research Center and galleries are closed on Mondays

The Society’s Research Center-Columbia, associated art galleries, and administrative office headquarters are closed to the public on Mondays to allow staff members time for collections management and care, completion of special projects, preparation of exhibitions and displays, and additional internal matters.

The Columbia Research Center is open to researchers and gallery visitors, Tuesday-Friday, 8:00-4:45, and Saturday, 8:00-3:30.

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February 14, 2012

SHSMO and Missouri State University partner to make collections available in Springfield, Missouri

SHSMO and Missouri State University are partnering to make SHSMO manuscript, book, and microfilm collections available for use at the MSU Special Collections and Archives on the fourth Wednesday of every month.  Collections from all SHSMO Research Centers (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, and St. Louis) are available for retrieval and researchers may request up to three boxes of material each month.  Requests must be made at least one week in advance—by the third Wednesday of each month.

Check out the collection listings and complete the request form.  The first run will be February 22, 2012.

Call the SHSMO (573) 882-1187 or the MSU Special Collections and Archives (417) 836-5428 for more information.

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January 23, 2012

New membership club: George Caleb Bingham Annual Giving Society

One of the nineteeth century’s best-known artists, George Caleb Bingham, preserved on canvas some of our most iconic images of commerce and politics during the turbulent period of westward expansion and the Civil War. The Historical Society is proud to have in its collection several of his most important works, including masterpieces General Order No. 11 and Watching the Cargo.

Not only was Bingham an eminently talented artist, he was also a man of high ideals. Therefore, it is fitting that the Society name its new annual giving club at the $1,000 level in his honor—the George Caleb Bingham Society—to help uphold our high ideals in preserving our great heritage. Bingham Society members will enhance our ability to collect, publish, and preserve material that is vital to the study of the history of Missouri and the settling of the West. Please consider this highest level of membership.
The Historical Society continues to rely on member support and donations to fund exhibitions, services, and special events at each facility and throughout the state, and as noted in the August 2011 newsletter, effective January 1, 2012, the dues associated with existing levels of membership will rise. New membership rates are: Student/Teacher Member $25; Individual Member $30; International Member $40; Household $50; Contributing Member $75; Supporting Member $125; Sustaining Member $250; Patron Member $500; Corporate/Institutional Member $500; and the new George Caleb Bingham Annual Giving Society $1,000. Bingham Society dues may be paid in two installments of $500 each within the calendar year.

All members receive the Missouri Historical Review quarterly scholarly journal, the Missouri Times quarterly newsletter, a discount on publications and Benton-Bingham Gift Shop items, a reduced fee on research assistance and workshops, and an invitation to the Annual Meeting. To learn about increased benefits at higher levels of membership visit our Web site or telephone (573) 882-7083.

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New National History Day Blog

NHD Executive Director Dr. Cathy Gorn has started a new blog, "The Voice of NHD," at which she will be writing about her travels to places and meetings with people involved in NHD and about important news related to education and history. In September Gorn wrote about her visits to the programs in Indonesia and China. Find the link at or at

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